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Welcome to my Journal. Firstly, if you have come this far to have a look at my everyday ramblings, I really appreciate it. Thanks.

I don't have the most exciting life in the world, but I hope to write down my thoughts and feelings here, just things I have been up to, or things that pop into my head, movies and TV shows I love, news I've heard or books I'm reading, and fun random things.....oh and my little dog Mac. Well technically he is my mum's dog, which probably makes him an adopted little brother lol, I like to claim him as my own, and I love talking about him and sharing pictures of him.

Check out my profile in the "This is Me" link at the top of the profile to find out more about me.

If you like what you see in my Journal, perhaps have similar interests to me, please don't hesitate to add me as a friend, I will check out your Journal and add you too. I am only to pleased to find new friends and interact with new people. I try to comment as much as I can to people's Journal entries too, but if I missed your entry, I do apologise, sometimes not enough hours in the day.

Why not pop in here and say hello, introduce yourself, I am pretty friendly.

Thanks for listening, I look forward to creating some good online friendships.


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Still here....

Christmas and New Years kind of took over everything for a while, so I wasn't able to get on here. We went away for Christmas, stayed in a cottage about an hours drive from home. It was quite nice we had a lovely Christmas Eve and day. Then we had car troubles and had to come home early which wasn't ideal. New Years was okay. Been working a few more hours to cover last minute holidays that need to be used by. Things have been a bit crammed in, hopefully I will be more regular here, it is a New Years Resolution. Oh speaking of resolutions I am going to join the gym and go with my brothers to get fit and healthier. They are already pros at it so it should be good. I am looking forward to it, but I know it will take a lot of hard work and determination too.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.

Children in Need - Pudsey's Big Night In

Don't forget if you live in the UK that Pudsey's Big Night In, is on tonight starting at 7pm on BBC One.
It should be a fun night of excellent TV entertainment.


UK Supernatural Season 4 Boxset

I was really getting excited for the release of the complete season 4 boxset of Supernatural on the 2nd of November. I have been waiting for it all year. I don't by the seasons in 2 parts, instead I wait for the complete set with the special features. I thought that I night wait a little longer to buy the boxset after the release date in the hopes the price might come down a bit, which it did. I was so glad that I decided to wait because I then read the reviews for the complete boxset on Amazon.co,uk and well to say that people are unhappy with it is a bit of an understament, a lot of people have complained about it. Complaints including the complete lack of any special features on the discs when the packaging clearly states that there should be and also the episode listings not matching those that are on the discs. This is really disappointing to say the least. Amazon have pulled it from their website so its only available from Marketplace sellers. There is no word yet on when or even if the complete boxset will be sorted out for us to purchase in the future.

This is not the fault of the sellers but the manufacturers and Warner. Its pretty poor form, and once again it seems that UK fans of tv shows or movies get stitched up with the lack of special features and extras that are included on American versions of the same thing. I would like to know how this is fair because we pay the same money and are just as big fans of these pieces of entertainment, but we don't get the same things.

I just wanted to share my disappointment for not being able to purchase the complete Supernatural season 4 boxset because of these silly errors and warn anyone who reads my Journal about it. I am eager to buy it, but can't until they sort it out and who knows how thats going to be, so I have to wait even longer. :o(


True Blood.....the Channel 4 UK run.

So, Channel 4 here in the UK decided to air the first season of True Blood on Terrestrial TV for the first time. Since I don't have Sky or Cable, this is brilliant, I finally get the chance to see what all the fuss is about concerning this show. The announcerwarns at the beginning of the episode to expect scenes of sex, violence and blood from the very beginning. I was also told by friends on Twitter what to expect from the show too, so its pretty much a very adult themed showed. Which I think is great, I love all my TV shows and sometimes its good to watch things that are a little more grown up and mature, like Dexter, which by the way I absolutely love.

So far 3 episodes of True Blood have been shown, last night being the 3rd episodes airing. I think that I am really getting into it. The sex scenes and the blood doesn't really bother me at all, because they are that shocking after seeing worse in movies and to be honest they aren 't for very long. I am really enjoying the story of the main characters, they all have interesting tales to tell which I am sure will continue to be fleshed out as the season progresses. I am enjoying the Southern American accent and setting, I must say that its a refreshing change from the usual middle America accents and settings we are shown. I love the look and feel of the show and really think I am hooked. Sookie is a great character, I really like her, Anna Paquin is a brilliant actress and Bill the vampire played by Englands own Stephen Moyer is pretty fine too.

I can't believe that I was watching it on Channel 4 last night, it got right to the last second when Sookie opens the door to Dawns house, looks shocked at something, but don't see what because the picture cuts out and the announcer says "Sorry we are having trouble with the program will be back in as soon as possible" but when it comes back its half way through the credits, so I missed the last few seconds of the episode, although I am fast learning this is a show that likes to leave evil cliff hangers to keep your juices stewing all week until the next episode.

Well just thought I would say something about my newest TV show love.


Life in General

Gosh, has it really been a month since I posted anything on here? I really wish I could get on and post to my Journal more regularly, but even with all the best intentions my real-life just doesn't seem to want to let me. I always get on here when I can, and I have found myself some free time to post something, nothing major, just like to get some of my thoughts down, you know ramble which is what I made my Journal here for.

Things have been a bit up and down, but aren't they always. A couple of weeks ago we had a mini "Indian Summer" here in the UK. We had glorious sunshine for a whole week and a bit. Almost like the heavens gave us a little gift to make up for the lousy Summer and to help ease us into Winter. Well Mum, Mac and I didn't want to waste the opportunity so we went out walking almost everyday we could, managed four in that week, which was brilliant, nice to get out and take advantage while we could and some of the views were wonderful as always.

The week after that however, the weather went right down hill and so did Mum's health and mood. My mood wasn't too good, was feeling a little down too, I think. So there was no walking or getting out, which was a shame after how well we did the previous week, it was a set back. Even now we haven't got back into the swing of things because of one thing or another.

Last Saturday, Mac had to go to the vets to have scrapings taken of the skin round his eye. You see, his eye was sore and red and they wanted to check if a mite was causing it. The only problem was that they had to give him a sedative to make him go to sleep so they didn't accidentally poke out his eye. We collected him later that day and he was just not himself, We were told him might be a bit sleepy and not eat, but he threw up all night and just kept drinking. I had to go to work the next day, so I was worrying about him. Dad took him back to the vets who gave him a antibiotic shot in case he picked something up and some re-hydrating powders. He just had a bad reaction to the sedative. He is back to his old self again, which is such a relief, we do love the little guy.

On Monday Dad had a minor operation, so he had to be put under with anesthetic. Dropped him off at 12pm. Mum went to pick him up at 6pm but he wasn't ready to come home because he had had a bad reaction to the anesthetic, so he was feeling awful and wobbly. He was finally able to come home at 9pm, but was still a bit poorly. He is doing much better now though, even went for a walk today, but still in a bit of pain and feeling tired all the time. Mum did so well on Monday, out driving to and fro all day a real trooper and it took a lot for her to do that so I am really proud.

Its been a busy week, I have picked up the slack with the cooking and light shopping since Dad can't do it. I suppose everything is okay, but I am a little down if I'm honest. When I was at Uni studying for my degree in archaeology, I never thought that 3 years later I would be at home taking care of my mum and working only a Saturday job, plus tidying up the house and running around here, there and everywhere. I'm not mad at anyone, its no ones fault, it just feels like my dreams have faded quite a bit. My brothers still live at home too, but they don't really help with anything, still complain when they haven't got clean socks, like its my duty to do it for them amongst other things.....but anyway, I don't need to go on about that really, nothing changes where they are concerned.



Bristol Kite Festival 2009 - Day Two

So, Sunday 13th September 2009, it was another lovely day, although it was rather cloudier so the kites had a harder time flying in the sky today. When the sun was out boy is was quite vicious, very intense, I am surprised that I didn't burn more because I had caught the sun yesterday but the cloud covered it over when it just got too much which was nice. It was another lovely day. It was nice to sit down in a corner with a picnic and soak up the atmosphere. We bought ourselves a Stunt Kite called a Bebop, its for entry level/beginners so we should hopefully be able to get that in the sky we eventually give it a go. Dad bought a beautiful Hot-Air Balloon Kite Spinner that hangs off a pole, rather like a fishing pole and lets the air catch it and twirl it around. I bought some garden spinners which look lovely when the wind catches them, be nice next summer in the garden.

For our first Kite festival we had a wonderful experience and we are completely hooked and shall be seeking out more next year for sure. We even want to go to a balloon festival too. We did miss Mac, we didn't take him because he wouldn't have had the patience to let us stare at kites all day, but it was nice to have a little break from him too. Mum met a cat hanging around the field we were camping in. It even spent a night in our tent with her and drunk a few bowls of milk too.

Because of the cloud making it darker and the quality of my camera some of the photos below may be a little scratchy or out of focus, I do apologise, I took some lovely shots or so I thought but they were awful when I loaded them on the laptop, so this is the best of the bunch to give you an idea what I saw. :o)
Click Here for photos....Collapse )

Bristol Kite Festival 2009 - Day One

Mum, Dad and I arrived at the place that was to be our home yesterday afternoon, after a 2 hour drive through a couple of busy cities. We camped in a rugby field, with toilets and wash facilities being provided by their clubhouse. Friday 11th September was pretty much setting up the tent and getting organised for the weekend. We even went out and got a Chinese takeaway to bring back to the tent which was lovely, but the portions were huge so we figured that tomorrows dinner would be sorted too, we would fry off the rest in the pan.

Saturday 12th September 2009 was a glorious day of sunshine, we really couldn't have asked for a better weather for this weekend. It was like a last gift of summer to make up for the lack of sun we had this year. The Bristol Kite Festival has been put together every year for many years. We have never gone to anything like this before and thought it might be fun to have a look. I am so glad that we did because the whole experience was magical and wonderful. We had no idea what to expect and we had such a great time. There were kites of so many colours, shapes, sizes and themes, all kinds of things you could imagine. I took loads of photos of the two days which I would love to share with you all below. I am not the best photographer and my camera is not the most sophisticated, but I try. I also found a lovely video on YouTube taken by someone who was there. I have asked for permission to link to the video so I could share it with you to go with the photos. The video belongs to

Here are my photos from Day One - 12th September 2009:

Click here for photos....Collapse )
OK so I have been promising to post pictures of my Sunflowers for a while now. I took picutres of them starting off life as tiny little seedinglings and then every so often watching them grow to over 7 feet tall with beautiful bright sunflowers. i planted the seeds back in May and here is the life of my Sunflowers in pictures, I hope you like them, I enjoyed them in my garden so much but now their time has ended, I am waiting to harvest the seeds to try again next year. I apologise for my photography skills, I'm not a professional and I don't have an amazing camera either. :o)

Just a taster:

Sunflowers in all their beauty - Click HereCollapse )